Friday, October 23, 2009

In the middle of...taking stock

So, it is so easy for us to notice when things aren't going our way. We complain when we don't like our haircuts, our coffee is too weak, our bosses are unappreciative, our spouses don't pick up on our subtle hints.

We gather over glasses of wine with friends to rehash the trials of the past week. We text, e-mail or leave messages for family members that have overlooked some obligation (Did U pik up cleaning???)

Rarely do we put the same time and effort into noticing and appreciating all the things that go so right.

What if we all tried to find one positive thing to focus on each time we brought up a negative one? The simple act of noticing how many good things we actually experience each and every day could turn the day around!

Give it a try! The next time you clench your jaw because no one else ever takes out the trash, force yourself to spend as much energy thinking about the fact that your son called you from college, just to say hi!

I'm going to try, if it doesn't work I'll complain about it next time!!!